SDG 3 - Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages


Uruguay’s National Care System, 1 first put on the policy agenda by civil society organizations (mostly women and feminist organizations), turned out to be a priority on every political party platform in the last national election. The combination of a social demand for the transformation of the social organization of care, together with political will, produced a set of integrated policies in 2015 that aim to build a consistent care system. Its design includes three core dimensions: i) care provision for children under three years old, which includes: day care provision (in public [...]


By Corina Rodríguez Enríquez, Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN) 1

Because of its importance to achieving gender equality, SDG 5 calls for recognition and value of unpaid care and domestic work through the provision of public services, infrastructure and social protection policies and the promotion of shared responsibility within the household and the family as nationally appropriate (target 5.4). Beyond this, care is a cross-cutting issue along all of the SDGs.

There is still a huge gender gap in terms of the time devoted to domestic and care activities. The massive [...]


By the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food) 1

Although they are described in different bodies of literature, discussed in different fora, and addressed (if at all) by different policies, a whole range of severe human health risks are closely connected to food system practices – and to each other. Most of these impacts fall under the following five categories:

1.     Occupational hazards: Physical and mental health impacts suffered by farmers, agricultural labourers, and other food chain workers as a result of exposure to health risks in the field/factory [...]


By Stefano Prato, Society for International Development, Elenita Daño and Trudi Zundel, ETC Group, Lim Li Ching and Chee Yoke Ling, Third World Network

Food is at the core of the nexus between identities, health, ecology and livelihoods, an intrinsic space where different important dimensions of life converge. Yet, policy discussions and deliberations that impact on food and food systems are often fragmented and incoherent. This chapter explores the close connection between these different domains and offers feasible pathways on how to place the virtuous interplay between sustainable and [...]


By Sandra Vermuyten, Public Services International (PSI)

We need social protection systems that are based on solidarity, sharing of risks, and built on collective bargaining and social dialogue, democratic structures and long-term strategies to combat poverty and address inequalities and inequity. Universal social protection is essential to achieve gender equality and there is a strong link between the provision of public services and the ability of women to enter the labour market, to address unpaid care work responsibilities and to ensure that children have access to health and social [...]


By K M Gopakumar, Third World Network (TWN)

A range of industries are attempting to influence the national and global health agenda, outlined in SDG 3 on health and well-being, in order to pursue their business interests. These include: (1) industries that are in the business of manufacturing or selling health products such as medicines, vaccines, medical devices and nutrition supplements; (2) industries whose products have direct adverse impacts on health such as tobacco, arms, alcohol, food and beverages, automobiles and chemicals; and (3) industries that benefit from the scaling up of [...]


By Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN)

The final decisions on SDG 3, the “Health SDG”, occurred after intense, multi-cornered contestation among UN member states, the for-profit sector, civil society, and private foundations. Each of these groupings did not represent a single interest and there were many differences and schisms among them. In the end these differences of ideology and interest were covered over, and the multiple MDGs on health were brought together under the single umbrella of SDG 3. SDG 3 has thus been claimed by champions of “universal health coverage” [...]